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♪ >> welcome back. john, what did you learn today? good to have the game change boys back. we've missed you. >> i almost enjoyed it. >> we're at "morning joe" camp. it's nice to be home. >> it's good to be back. >> kind of nice. >> you know that rock star camp they have a "morning joe" camp where you can hang out with "morning joe". >> we've been practicing our quips. >> you were good today, hygiene, the whole thing. >> mark? >> i learned that david axelrod thinks the white house should have released the photo of the president shooting sooner. >> sooner. >> and thomas roberts of msnbc is an evil, evil, evil man. >> i hate him. >> he's like bain. >> he's horrible. >> he's a cookie peddler. >> the batman.
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>> super bowlites -- >> we miss those. >> people of gotham. >> puts it right in my face and goades me. i. >> david axelrod guarantees entitlement reform, thank you, dave. >> wrap it up. >> exactly. >> now for a special edition of "the daily rundown" with chuck todd. >> it's always a special edition. president obama heads to the heartland to rally support for stricter gun laws but are hoping dimming for any significant push beyond more serious background checks? 40 years of service, secretary pa net ta gets ready to urge his career in washington, d.c. he has advice for president obama and weighs in on the
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morality of modern warfare. snaking on a lane, a little bit. deep dive into the swamps of florida, the senator on how politicians are trying to stop burmese pythons from taking over the state of florida. good morning from washington, it's monday, february 4th, 2013, this is "daily rundown" i'm chuck todd, the lights are on. first read, president obama will take his push for stricter gun laws on the road for the first time. today he heads to minneapolis, just about an hour from now, he's going to visit the minneapolis police department special operations center and talk about what the white house calls a comprehensive set of common sense ideas to reduce gun violence. minneapolis dubbed murderapolis in the '90s has had success in deterring crimes. minnesota is also home to a bipartisan push by sheriffs to improve background checks and this week the state legislature
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is holding hearings on nearly a dozen gun proposals including a universal background check. in september, mentally ill gunmen killed six people in a shooting. signs are growing that gun control advocates are recognizing the legislative reality and may be able to settle on passing background legislation and calling that a win. on abc over the weekend, harry reid pointedly would not commit to supporting an assault weapons ban. >> i didn't vote for the assault weapons last time because it didn't make sense but i'll take a look at it. i think everyone acknowledges we should do some background checks. >> reid said the senate would move the bill through the judiciary committee, it's unlikely to include a gun ban. though reid has said california senator dianne feinstein will have an opportunity to present the provision as an amendment once the bill reaches the senate
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floor. remember there's a whole bunch of red tape democrats want to actively cascade a vote against the assault weapons ban so they can show they are pro-gun. >> the super bowl ad new york city mayor's group ran in the d.c. market focused on one part of the gun control bills and that's the background check, one pointing out the nra at one time supported closing the gun show loophole. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory, instant criminal background checks for every sale at every gun show, no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> 14 years later on fox news sunday lapierre said the group's position changed warning it would lead to a universal registry of gun owners and eventually the confiscation of guns. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. it's never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to
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comply with it. they could care less. >> okay then. minnesota's also a state where nearly one in ten people have a firearms hunting license. in the last 48 hours the skeet shooting saga has gotten an inordinate amount of attention from the white house and the media after the president said "yes, up at camp david we do skeet shooting all the time." so the white house fed the beast saturday released a photo of the president shooting clay pigeons on the firing range camp david, august 4th, the president's 51st president. an nra person responded to the photo, one picture does not erase a lifetime of supporting every gun ban and every gun control scheme imaginable." >> attention skeet birthers, make our day, let the photoshop conspiracies begin and followed up with this, day made, the skeet birthers are out in full force, makes for an excellent delusional read.
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yesterday on "meet the press" i asked obama's former senior campaign adviser robert gibbs why the president's advisers are giving this story even more attention, why feed this media mean? >> you've seen the skeet shoot. >> i have not. camp david for him is a private retreat he spends most of the time with his family. i don't think it's whether or not the president shoots a gun regularly or even if he shoots it at all. >> why participate in the conspiracy essentially by feeding the beast? >> oh, chuck because all you sit in the briefing room as i used to, ask for a token of evidence of anything the president says or does. moving on, with less than a month to go before automatic spending cuts known as the sequester kick in, president owe pa ma and senator reid are floating their own proposals for deficit reduction. the president told super bowl fans reducing the deficit will require more taxes. >> can we combine some smart
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spending cuts because there's still some waste in government, can we reform our health care programs in particular and can we close loopholes and productions that folks who are well connected and have a lot of accountants can take advantage of. there's no doubt we need additional revenue coupled with smart spending reductions in order to bring down our deficit. >> president also warned congress about the danger of alowing the sequester to go into effect. >> washington cannot continually operate under a cloud of crisis. that freezes up consumers, gets businesses worried. we can't afford the self-inflicted wounds. >> no another tweet david plouffe said message delivered to big audience on balanced budget, deficit reduction, economy growth. on abc, an unlikely name was
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invoked for direction. >> i think what we need to do is do some things mitt romney taungd abo talked about. he said there are tax loopholes that should be closed. there are efforts being made to only get rid of the sequester as it relates to defense. i repeat, $2.6 trillion already all coming from non-defense. if we're going to have sequester the defense has to do their share. >> "meet the press" i asked leon panetta how likely it is that automatic defense cuts will actually go into effect. is sequester going to happen? >> i certainly hope not. if congress stands back and allows sequester to take place i think it would really be a shameful in irresponsible act. why in god's name would members of the congress elected by the american people that would undermine the support for our
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men and women in uniform? why would do you that? >> secretary panetta defended the man the president picked to succeed him, former nebraska senator chuck hagel telling me members of the armed services committee passed up the opportunity for more important questions in order to launch partisan attacks. >> it's pretty obvious that the political knives were out for chuck hagel. >> that's what you think it was. it was totally partisan? >> what disappointed me, they talked about past quotes. what about the war in afghanist afghanistan, the war on terrorism and the budger sequester. >> despite his performance, hagel's confirmation is looking more likely after a second republican told "the lincoln journal star" saying "he will stand side by side with our allies, be firm with our enemies and use good judgment." the president from former obama
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white house press secretary robert gibbs on "meet the press" said the following. >> the disconcerting thing obviously for anybody that watched, he seemed unimpressive and unprepared on the questions he quite frankly he knew was coming. >> gibbs trying to soften his criticism, saying secretary tim geithner turned his way around. hagel's appointment could threaten future relationships in the pentagon in his ability to do the job. >> if i were chuck hagel i'd go to the president and say do you still have confidence in me? do you think i could do the job. >> you would offer to potentially withdraw? >> you've got to if you think you're not going to be effective because of what's happened. >> the whole issue isn't getting confirmed. it's whether he'll have political capital as defense secretary to work with the congress and generals in a meaningful way. coming up next, part of a one on one discussion i had with
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a man who has had just about every powerful position in washington other than the presidency, defense secretary leon panetta on his four decades in washington, the morality of drone strikes and advice he has for president obama. plus the pack men, karl rove's new plan to pour cold water on the tea party and keep senate seats in the republican column. today's politics planner, as you can see, former president clinton will be speaking at ed koch's funeral, president obama is off to minneapolis and chris christie hits letterman. [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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chuck hagel, if he is confirmed as defense secretary he has big shoes to fill. i spoke to secretary panetta for press pass on "meet the press" extended conversation that takes place after the show and it was an extended part of his reflections after all these years in public service. it is you, jim baker, donald rumsfeld, dick cheney, you're on the mt. rushmore of guys who have held every office except the presidency. >> it's been a hell of a ride but i really enjoyed it, in many ways it's kind of as the son of italian immigrants i've lived the american dream, gotten a lot of opportunities to serve the country and i've been able to do some great things and in the end
6:16 am
i used to ask my father why as an immigrant he came to the united states, he said because we wanted to make sure our children had a better life, i hope that's my legacy in all those jobs i gave our children something better. >> i want to start with we've had back-to-back secretaries of defense as head of the cia with the expansion of the drone program. you ran it in some form, operational aspect of it at the cia. do you run actually less, are you in charge of less of the drone defenpartment at the defe department? >> we're the ones who supply the cia. >> who makes the call? >> it depends on the operation. the best thing i've seen in four years is we really have a very good military intelligence partnership now with regards to going after al qaeda, and there are operations that we've developed in which we developed the targets and then we make the decision who is best able to go
6:17 am
after the targets and it's a very synchronized good operation that gives us the best of military information and intelligence. >> the drone wes don't have a big debate in the united states, the new cover of "time" magazine, but retired general mccrystal, here's what he said about drones during this book tour. "what scares me about drone strikes is how they are perceived around the world, the resentment created by american use of unmanned strikes, is much greater than the average american appreciates. they are hated on a visceral level, even by people who've never seen one or seen the effects of one." >> as always the united states has to always pay attention to these issues and make sure that we're applying the right standards, abiding by the laws of in country but in the end, also, using what we have to use against the enemies in the united states. after all, in 9/11, al qaeda
6:18 am
attacked us in a brutal way that killed 3,000 innocent people, the trade center and killed almost 200 people at the pentagon as well as those in pennsylvania. it was a deliberate act of terrorism. we went to war, and when you go to war and you have an enemy out there you have to use everything you can to make sure you go after that enemy and that's what we did. the fact is we had precise, effective operations to go right at al qaeda's leadership and by weakening them and by significantly impacting them especially with the bin laden raid, the fact is we are safer today from the 9/11 type attack. >> there seems to be though some concern, even the president did an interview with mark bowden in "the drones" there's a remoteness that makes to think somehow becan without any mess on our hands solve the security problems. it's a morality issue. is there a conversation had
6:19 am
making this decision? is this moral? >> you know, as a catholic when i first became director of the cia and realized i was making life or death decisions with regards to our operations, it doesn't come lightly. you've got to really think about it. you've got to make sure that we are focused on somebody who is a direct threat to the united states, someone who intends to attack the united states and hurt our people, and you've got to be able to go through the process, and it was an intricate process, not only establishing the targets but going through the legal requirements to ensure that we were doing this carefully and then also then the operational side to make sure that we limited the collateral. >> the transparency on this is limited. does that need to change and need to be more oversight for congress to step in? >> in title ten operations, the
6:20 am
military operations, i think a lot more of this can be put under title ten, and that on title 50, we always ought to have that capability to use a covert effort if we have to. >> but very limited. >> i would limit that and i would -- >> there's more oversight at the pentagon, essentially you should be in charge of this as secretary of defense more than the -- >> i think the advantage it becomes much more transparent in terms what have we do. >> in 1989 you came on "meet the press" and talked about the political ten years of problems with the budget. it's the problem in this town right now, they can't seem to come together. you were lamenting this issue that we say, is it really worse today or do we just think it's worse today? you thought it was pad in 198. >> i've been in and out of washington for over 40 years and i've seen a lot of washington and you know, it's always been
6:21 am
political. >> let me play the bite. all right. let's hear what you had to say. >> you want them to actual lay chief strong deficit reduction in this country we've known for the last eight years you have to make tough choices on defense, entitlements and taxes. the problem we've had in this town for the last ten years is a political logjam, one party saying you can't cut defense and you can't raise taxes and the others saying you can't touch entitlements, until both sides are willing to put everything on the table and make those tough choilss we're going to continue to play games. that's the problem in this town right now. >> you told it pretty well. >> that's a very thoughtful guy. i'm with him. >> this is 1989, we had a republican president, a democratic house, democratic senate. >> same issues. >> political logjam. so nothing changes or maybe or should we feel more optimistic? >> the difference was ultimately at that time the leadership on
6:22 am
democratic and republican sides came together to develop important budge eight greements that ultimately balanced the budget and created a surplus. what has to happen is we've got to go back to that same dynamic where the leadership is willing to say to the members you have got to sit down in a room and develop the comprehensive package to resolve this fiscal crisis. >> what should the president do more of? he gets a little defensive when people criticize you're not reaching out. he says i reached out a lot, they're not reaching out to me. what would you tell him? >> he has got to continue to speak to the american people about the importance of developing the kind of package that will resolve this fiscal crisis. >> don't reach out to congress as much? >> you got to continue to talk to the congress. you always have to work with them as closely as you can, but frankly, they need to feel the pressure from the american people. >> you can watch the full "press pass" on the "meet the press"
6:23 am
website. this is secretary of state live, john kerry, his first official day on the job, he's speaking to state department employees. over the weekend kerry called world leaders including israeli prime minister netanyahu, palestinian authority president abbas and the japanese foreign ministers. up next a rising political star goes down while an old leader gets dug up. plus snakes so big they can devour a deer, what one senator is doing to stop the florida python problem. first today's trivia question, democratic senator bill nelson lost only one election in his political career, who beat him? first correct answer gets a follow monday from us. more is coming up. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
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on our radar this morning, senator menendez finds backing from his colleagues, a sudden resignation in nebraska and 500-year-old bones prove to be a famous medieval king. let's start with harry reid offering some words of support for new jersey senator and current foreign relations committee chairman menendez. >> he was a leader in the house, he's been a leader in the senate, he's chairman of that committee, he'll do a wonderful job and he's an integral part of what we do with immigration reform so i have the utmost confidence in him. nebraska's republican governor lieutenant govern rick sheehy resigned saturday for what the state described as "breaking the public's trust." he declined to disclose what records were made and reported
6:28 am
sheehy made thousands of improper cell phone calls using a government cell phone to four women over the last four years on that state issued phone, none of those calls were to his wife. sheehy was considered a front-runner for the 2014 gubernatorial race on the republican side and already been endorsed by the governor. now the bizarre delay at the super bowl last night, just minutes after the ravens scored a 108-yard kickoff return for the touchdown the lights went out stopping play for more than a half hour. the nfl released a statement apologizing for the incident saying authorities were investigating what caused the outage. it seemed to affect the game but until the outage the ravens were dominating. after the lights came back on the 49ers scored 17 unanswered points in just the span of four minutes and in the end the ravens held on and won the game 34-31. giving ed reed his first ring
6:29 am
and i'm in purple approval. scientists announce they have identified skeletal remains as king richard iii, the medieval king portrayed by shakespeare as a homicidal tyrant. archaeologists found the remains buried under an old church and verified the bones were the kings by matching the dna and remains of two dna's samples taken as a direct descendant of richard's older sister. authorities have to decide where to rebury the king. maybe someday we'll find jimmy hoffa. next, giant snakes invading the everglades, this is something that bugs a lot of us floridians. one senator is trying to get his samuel l. jackson, in his inner to get this straightened out. i'm a conservative investor.
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the state sponsored python challenge in accomplished a couple of things many americans don't associate with government, making a couple of dollars and delivering some results but enough? today a deep dive into the snake hunt that's become the talk of south florida. the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission is enlisting the public's help in getting rid of burmese pythons that invaded the ever glades. some grow up to 26 feet, can weigh over 200 pounds and they eat everything, not just rabbits and raccoons, bobcats and deer. look at this python trying to constrict a full grown alligator. this snake burst trying to swallow this six-foot gator. >> the entire ecological apple
6:34 am
cart is being upset by this invasive species and they are devouring everything that mother nature intended to be in the ever glades. >> florida senator bill nelson joined more than 1,000 hunters to take aim at the python's hiding in the swamps. participants have to take a safety class, plunk down a $25 entry fee. unfortunately the vast majority will walk away empty handed. researchers say there could be tens of thousands of pythons in the everglades, most likely the descendants of snakes set free by the owners. the snakes know the swamp better than the hunters do. >> they're camouflaged, hard to find. you can get close to one and city may not see them because they're so camouflaged. tough to hunt. hard to find.
6:35 am
>> the hunt is meant to raise awareness as well as cut down the snake population. the stake could pick up $25,000 just from entry fees. senator nelson, i know you've been,ing on this issue of trying to create better laws to do with importing the reptiles into the state of florida. is there any natural predator that the python has besides man in the ever glades? >> only an eight-foot alligator or larger. other than that, these snakes are at the top of the food chain. that picture that you showed of ronnie bergeron and me holding that snake, that was just a 13-footer. you awe to see what the 17 to 20-foot snakes look like. >> just to clarify not a single one of these snakes is native to
6:36 am
the everglades, correct? >> that's correct. they come from burma, thus the burmese python, and the everglades becomes a natural habitat. the only way we're going to get rid of them, believe it or not, is cold weather. the superintendent of the everglades national park a couple of years told me that he thinks there may be as many as 150,000 of them in the everglades. right now it's trying to create a sport, invite hunters down to get these snakes. are we at, do you feel like we're at a crisis point where maybe fish and wildlife have to, there needs to be actual resources put to this that has the fish and wildlife folks doing this hunt, making it mandatory that they get rid of these pythons. >> yes.
6:37 am
we have to try. one of the hunters told new the piece it's very, very hard to see them so we've got to find new methods. the first method was to get the department of interior to change the rules so that people couldn't import these snakes. you ought to see that took us two years with all the pet store owners fighting us the whole way. >> i understand, but you still have the illegal snakes that are brought in. is this law helped at all? interior to this when ken is alazha announced ha salazar, wh become no pun intended a pet issue of mine, has it had any impact? >> it is beginning to. you have to start with saying they're not coming into the country. hope that we get another cold
6:38 am
snap that will kill off a number of them but keep looking for methods by which we can find these snakes, otherwise they're going to take over the everglades. one of the things we've got to do, chuck, is we've got to allow the hunting of these snakes in the everglades national park. that's where we are estimating 150,000 and we haven't been able to hunt there. the hunt that's going on is around in the other areas surrounding the park. >> surrounding the everglades so not in the park itself. what would it take to allow the hunt to go into the park itself in. >> you have to get administrative ruling that will make an exception hunting these snakes because it's going to upturn the environment. otherwise you can't hunt in a national park. >> and are you lobbying the obama administration for this? >> of course. >> and what is the holdup? what's taking them -- what is
6:39 am
their hesitation? >> well as you can see, you've got a lot of people that resist any kind of change, and i give you the example, it took us two years just to stop the importation because of resistance. >> let me ask you one quick question about some senate business, are you fully confident that chuck hagel can do the job of secretary of defense? do you have any hesitation based on that confirmation hearing? >> i have the confidence in chuck. i was surprised that he was not more direct in his answers. he could have been more straightforward. i think he would have come off better but chuck is an enormously competent patriot, and he will do well as secretary. >> senator bill nelson, democrat from the state of florida, i appreciate the update on this
6:40 am
python issue and we'll be waiting to hear what the obama administration does in response to the idea of expanding it to the national park itself. thank you, sir. >> thanks, chuck. turning to the markets where some market indicators are off five-year highs, the dow started the day above 14,000, s&p started above 1500, both are down in the early going. there used to be this crazy by the way if an afc team won the super bowl it meant a down year for the market and if an nfc team won the super bowl, meant an up year. i have to ask becky quick if that is still the case. the patriots blew up that term for a while. keeping the lights on for our third quarter. white house soup of the day, roasted fall vegetable, just checking my calendar, it is winter, right? check out the facebook page. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance.
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it was this day way back in 1789 when the 69 members of the electoral college voted george washington to be the first president of the united states, the former commander of the continental army and the chairman of the continental congress is still the only president to be elected unanimously by the electoral college. it's panel time, gaggle time, karl rove is backing a new effort to revive republican hopes in key senate races after last year's disappointing losses in missouri and indiana. the conservative victory project will be funded by some of the party's biggest donors and led by american crossroads. steven law told the "new york times" there is a broad concern about having blown a significant number of races because the wrong candidates were selected. we don't view ourselves in the incumbent protection business but we want to pick the most conservative candidate who can bin. the new group will attempt to weed out daents considered too vulnerable to win the general
6:45 am
election. the senate conservative group says the conservative defeat project is yet another example of the republican establishments ahostility toward its conservative base. barney keller says they are welcome to support the likes of arlen specter who will continue to proudly support the likes of pat toomey, charlie crist and david dewhart. susan page and strategist steve mcmahon, welcome all, happy monday. ramesh i'll start with you. we know a lot of established republicans say you have to fight back in the primaries and get involved. this strikes me as something that will make things more divisive inside the republican party before it gets better. is that what the party needs? >> if you look at the reaction to this "new york times" story you get the distinct impressions a lot of republicans dislike
6:46 am
each other more than the democrats and i think that's a a problem but the other question i have is how would this even looking backwards, how would this have made a difference in those races? if todd aiken is the example that was a three-way race, a tight three-way race, how would this group have picked one of the two candidates that would put him over the time. >> that anyone other than sharron angle would beat harry reid. there's a bunch of seats. >> and why do people think that the expenditure of a bunch of money is going to cause conservative voters in indiana to decide to back the incumbent when they didn't want to? >> susan that's the other question. david dewhurst had much more money and lost.
6:47 am
and the least lost. >> as long as you have republican primaries -- >> that's what they should be working on. >> if the point is to get the most electable person from your party you don't do it with the primary system. what is the role of the republican party in a system where you've got the tea party forces being powerful, you've got the moneyed forces with karl rove and this group being powerful and where exactly does the traditional republican infrastructure fit in figuring out where the gop ought to go? >> steve mcmahon when you had less gray hair, you were involved in a democratic party that used to do this to each other. >> yes. >> i'm seeing these fights, these little spats and i'm reminded of the chairman of the dnc, a guy by the name of ron brown mocking the head of the dlc, a guy by the name of bill clinton having similar fights. >> the other thing that happened in the howard dean said we're
6:48 am
not going to be ignored anymore and they stood up and started primarying people like joe lieberman. one of the things the democrats learned is if you think that's a a problem and i don't think it's a problem, but if you do think it's a problem you don't solve it by attacking your base and you don't announce if you're a republican conservative group in the "new york times" -- >> i wasn't going to say anything but that was pretty -- look -- they clearly are looking for donors. that's what it is. >> publicity. >> and publicity. >> so are the groups on the other side raising back the idea of fighting back against the establishment sellouts. >> i guess my question, susan, though, is is this something the party actually has to go through? part of me wonders it's part of a therapy session, you have to have this giant fight. it may make 2014 worse not better but may prepare them just like 1989, 1990, horrible for the democrats to the internal fights. >> and two defeats in a
6:49 am
crushing -- they knew they were going to lose in 2008. the republicans had a winnable race in 2012 for the presidency which they didn't deliver on so yeah i think they need to figure out where the party is going to go, who does it stand for, how do they reach out to the voters they have to get to win national elections and like you have to hit bottom first. you feel like republicans are not as splintered as they're going to be. >> unless they move the first battleground out of iowa they're going to have a real problem getting to the middle pause iowa produces the christian conservative almost always wins the caucus in iowa and then they come into new hampshire with some momentum. >> because of what you said, open primary. even independents involved so you have the different aspect of the party having a fight and of course back to your conservatives in south carolina. >> you need to open up the primaries and the caucuses but a caucus is basically all about organization. you can say everybody come in but the only people who are going to come in are the people who invited in, walked in, given a ride and taken to the polls
6:50 am
and that's going to be on the conservative side a process that favors the most conservative candidate. >> going back to my question to susan, is it better for the party to have this fight publicly? now even if it makes things worse short term in. >> probably better to have it now as opposed to a year from now. the further away you are from the election the better. the problem is the factions in the republican party want to blame one another of the defeat in fact all of them last races last year and need to look at themselves. >> rick bergen wasn't a tea party guy, george allen not a tea party guy. we asked democratic bill nelson, lost only one election in his political career. the answer was lawton chiles defeated nelson in the 1990 primary for governor. lawton won that race for florida governor and beat jeb bush in
6:51 am
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if you were looking for a competitive senate race in a special election in massachusetts, you may not get one. you can now add former massachusetts governor william well to the list of republicans who say they are not running in the massachusetts special. let's bring back our gaggle. ramesh, susan, steve. on friday morning, we knew that scott brown was releasing a statement. the minute he said that you sort of knew where the writing was. i was surprised by some of the reporting that said he shocked republicans by not running. i would have been shocked if he had run. >> we think he's going to run for governor. probably a better race for him and maybe a better job. people who have worked in the senate might think being governor is a better place to be. >> steve, we were reminding
6:55 am
folks on friday that martha cokely got 47%. if on the republicans' greatest day of all time, low democratic point in massachusetts, and your ceiling is 53, it's not going to happen. >> it's not going to happen for that reason. >> even if your name is scott brown, after his whole -- this time they had actually run a campaign against him. >> that's exactly my point. the democrats were sort of snuck up on last time. that wouldn't happen again. scott brown, really, if anybody runs, democrats will make sure massachusetts elects a democrat. >> but there is a history of moderate massachusetts republicans making races competitive in that state so who's left? >> the governorship, 16 years. >> they may get it back. >> governor's different because it's an executive position and people kind of like the moderate republican who will keep taxes low -- >> sort of less idealogical statement. >> exactly. it's not necessarily -- >> boston herald reported on
6:56 am
tagg romney. i don't see the romney brand working well at this point in time. >> that may be right. i suppose we'll get an early test of whether the project is working. i think that the other thing to keep in mind about scott brown is he doesn't want to, after having run in the special election, run in a regular re-election, run in another special election and another regular election. if he gets the governorship he's got it for four years and at this point he's got to be sick of running, running. >> claire mccaskill ran a ridiculous amount of senate races. >> if he loses again in a senate race, he's done. this is self-preservation. >> i would just say whenever we're this sure of something, this far out, that we're often wrong and things happen, candidates -- better candidates than we think, worse candidates than we think.
6:57 am
even in massachusetts we can be surprised. >> that's right. you never know. >> i'm enjoying watching "house of cards" on netflix. give it a try. >> how do i do it? i'm not a netflix person. >> the hopkins touch by david rolle, a washington lawyer, about the guy who chris matthews called fdr's left hand man. >> okay. >> you mentioned my gray hair. four girls, our oldest just turned 16 last weekend. now it's like i got to drive around with her and holy good lord. >> that's why you have gray hair. >> state of virginia secretly raised the age of driving under to 18. see you right back here tomorrow. congratulations, ed reed. coming up next, chris jansing. bye-bye.
6:58 am
we're tracking another weak winter storm going through the great lakes and ohio valley. it's not going to produce a lot of snow. it's already been snowing this morning in areas from chicago to northern indiana. it's heading into ohio, cleveland, pittsburgh, you're looking at snow later today. drive carefully in those regions. the rest of the country, the west looks pretty nice. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand
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